DigitalOcean Black Friday Deal 2017: Get $50 Credit For Free [Live Now]

Digital Ocean is the most popular cloud hosting provider in the web market. This provides gives you reliable and cheap hosting services than other providers. One of the most important things you need to know is that they have beaten the Amazon Web Services in terms of fasted and reliable services. To host your site if you are looking for simple reliable and cheap cloud hosting provider then DigitalOcean is one of the best options for you. Here we will talk to you about the deals of DigitalOcean Black Friday Sales 2017 for you all.

digitalocean black friday

They also offering you the basic services like VPS’s in cloud management and also the DNS management too. Thus you can say that DigitalOcean is the best cloud solution provider for all. The attractive feature of DigitalOcean is that they provide 99.99% uptime speed. If there is any downtime, then the provider will compensate the website owner by providing the amount depending on the duration of downtime. They always think about the services to be provided for the customer satisfaction and get confidence in their services too. If you search on the internet about this then you will find a maximum number of positive reviews only.

DigitalOcean Black Friday Sale 2017:

As this Digital Ocean is a popular service provider in the digital marketplace. Thus there are many features available which you must need to know at first.

  • It provides a simple control panel to use reliably.
  • KVM virtualization is available.
  • It contains powerful HEX Core machines.y
  • Get 55 Second Provisioning.
  • Contains multiple datacentre locations also.
  • Global Image transfer is also applicable.
  • Private Networking features is available for all.
  • 99.99% of guaranteed uptime.
  • Floating IPs and Team Accounts.
  • DNS management and Global Image transfer.
  • Availability of Solid State Drive (SSD).

Best Deals on 2017 Black Friday DigitalOcean sale:

Standard Droplet:

black friday digital ocean 2017

Specialised Droplet- High CPU:

black Friday web hosting deals

Specialised Droplet- High Memory:

digital ocean free credit

These are all the best plans which you can avail from the Digital Ocean Black Friday deal. One of the attractive products you will get from this provider with the best price. Compare to others, these deals are more user recommend for all.

Why choose Digital Ocean on Black Friday Deal:

Some of the best reasons to choose DigitalOcean in the time of Black Friday are given below. SP have a look for those reasons below.

    • Best monitoring and alerting feature.
    • Open source applications which are already pre-built for you.
    • Load balancing service for every customer having their websites.
    • Togetherness of Team Work to manage your cloud server properly.
    • Very Lite and fastest network speed even in heavy trafficking.
    • Storage is available in a very high range (16 TB) for securely kept your important files.
    • Very simple API for the convenient working experience.
    • Best SSD – Solid Storage Drive performance.
    • Get the root access in only 55 sec. which is very fast at all.
    • User recommended in terms of best quality and services.

That’s all about the DigitalOcean Black Friday deal 2017. Hope you all are satisfied with the information which we have provided here about the ideas of black Friday deals. If you want any cloud hosting servers then please visit the official site of Digital Ocean to grab the best deal at all.    

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