Hello, friends, It is always a great pleasure for me to share my views with you through my articles. With an important topic at hand to be discussed below, which can actually help one blog to grow quick in short period of time. Today I have something important to share about the Common Blogging Mistakes, which takes us nowhere but just waste your time and afford.

My Blogging Journey since 2013 has been an amazing one for me, taught me many things in life and also gave me a new life. I started blogging back on 2013 as a newbie, kept struggling as I was not having any source of guide nor any connection with any blogger who could help me out. I am sure many of you have big hidden stories behind your blog, which would actually inspire many people.

Growing your blog online is not an impossible task if you follow all the important basic steps to grow your blog and properly optimise your contents followed by some powerful Dofollow Backlinks & Nofollow Backlinks. Following all these will help you to get good traffic and earnings, but if you build a helpful blog which can be extremely helpful for all the users delivering them the exact thing which they are looking for. It is going to be a big contribution to the web and it will lead to success for sure in long-term.


Understanding the Mistakes in Your Blog

I always believe it is very important to learn before we act, otherwise one will have to learn after they act which may end up costing something at the end of the day. I won’t say it a “waste” as it will teach you something valuable, but if you give some time in learning or taking some reference before you act it can save you some time and money depending on the situation.

Considering the fact, when we are in the process of learning we always feel better and better every single day we work or learn by witnessing the improvement on work. In such situations, it is very tough to find your own mistake as you can see a clear improvement on another hand.

Points To keep in mind:

  1. Proper Mapping: It is very important to keep a proper plan and exact map of your site, how do you see your creation in another 3 Month of time or six Month. If I ask you, Why should I visit Your blog? What is going happen to your blog in another 3 months? Do You have an Answer?? If Not!! That missing answer is your first problem.
  2. Identify Your Identity: Wait a min!! Are you installing a good looking just because the other popular blog has the same layout?? Let me tell you that, a wise blogger would go for a custom design to fit their own requirements. Now, you also might have the same requirement undoubtedly, but that is just because you have seen other doing that or that’s because you needed it??? This is the 2nd big problem of the blogging industry.
  3. #Site Checklist: Site Checklist is important and can be quite helpful in understanding your current situation on noting down all the +ve and -ve points, which you still need to do or correct in your existing site. If you compare your site with some big successful sites and your competitor’s sites who are already doing good. It will help you figure out what are exact things you are missing out, atleast 50%.


Important Steps To Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes: Quick Management Technique

The methods I am about to discuss with you below will help you in avoiding common blogging mistakes and keep your blog healthy. I am here talking about taking your blog to the next level, rather than just keeping on the same work every day without realising the mistakes they do while blogging.

Master Map:

Every successful blog which is available online is successful because they kept on moving, whether it was a good time or bad time. They more focus on branding other than just focusing on the search rankings, search rankings are important undoubtedly but when you focus on branding on the same time, it gives great results.

But the main thing is, how that blog reached that height of success??

  1. The Value: Every successful blog has a big contribution to the web, adding ton’s of contents with lots of original tutorials. Not just the number of articles, but the perfect solution to many problems which end up helping ton’s of users successfully. Most importantly, they are specifically helpful towards some particular niche completely expertizing and authorising on the topics.
  2. The Root: Set your exact Niche [Category of your Website] and goal, how do you want to see your website in next 3 month, with all the tools, expense and investment budget ready. Your every single plan should be ready, like how much time you can give on a daily basis [under comfort zone], Tools, Understanding the competition, Tools you need to keep everything on track.
  3. Site Performance: It is highly recommended to get one professional custom design for your site, which will help you in branding your website. While designing your site the only one thing you should be concerned is, what layout will fit perfectly for your business and your visitors. It is always good to take 7 days time think about what you wanna do, get a final design rather than changing it every week. Of course, we must upgrade according to time, but finalising your website design, for now, will help you in
  4. Self-Mentor: As we bloggers don’t have mentors, it is very important to maintain a Work checklist to help you track all the work. If you have a checklist of your work on daily basis, properly mentioned one by one. It helps you getting your work done on time with ease, also you can start practising it on a weekly target basis.


Common Blogging Problems:

Making small and big mistakes in our early blogging days is a very simple and common thing, it is a journey where we learn step by step depending upon the experiments you do with your blog. However, considering few of the common and important factors I have chosen few topics.

1. Hosting Provider and Domains:

I am very choosy when it comes to choosing a hosting company for hosting my sites. If I host my site on any hosting providers server, I will make 100% sure that the server is good and reliable. Since I started my blogging journey I had switched to many hosting providers, but not all were good.

For now, I prefer sticking to only those hosting providers with which I had a good experience. There are few things I care about before buying a hosting package from any hosting company.

Points to Take care:

  • Easy To Reach: The Technical team must be ready to support you and easy to reach. It is very irritating to hang on a call and wait for email support when your site is down. No matter if the company is how big or small company, if the technical support team is easy to reach and supportive you should not hesitate in giving a try with them.
  • Performance: Check the uptime and server performance before opting for it. You should make sure that your site loads properly [Fast load] and your server doesn’t give up when your traffic goes high.
  • Affordable: Check the specification of the server and compare with other similar hosting company. Most important you should also check some of the reviews in hosting related forums [Where you can find the genuine feedbacks of the customers], which will be helpful in understanding and choosing the better hosting provider.

We are using:-

3. Technical Error:

It is a very common thing to have a wrong blog set up, even I had done lots of mistakes like using the wrong plugin, using multiple plugins for the same purpose [Get Crashed], Sitemap, Robots.txt, and sometimes the whole blog set up goes wrong. We End up harming the blog knowingly or unknowingly and once I mistakenly uninstalled the whole blog lost all the contents and work I had done on my blog, but I recovered the blog from the backup.

Things I do:

  • Basic Setup: First of all I follow my own process to set up the blog completely, from fixing the permalink [URL], adding Sitemap, adding webmaster, getting one good blog design, Logo, Adding social media pages, and get ready with the keywords to start the work.
  • Maintainance: To get rid of technical error interruption in between of work, I prefer finishing up all the work before I start my work and strictly use genuine themes, plugins, trusted hosting provider with enough server capacity etc. It is also very important to keep your blog’s plugins and themes updated all the time to avoid such problems.
  • Solution: Having less technical knowledge I prefer getting connected to the professionals, ended up hiring the technical team to get my problems solved. But earlier, when I have any technical issue I used to sort it out myself or immediately go for technical help.
    You should stay connected with a technical guy who can solve your hosting related issue and other technical errors in case if you cannot fix that.

4. Content Writing:

Content writing is an art, which can change the whole game and future of one blog. Using backlinks you can rank the site, but having good contents along with the links can give you super cool results.

Topics: Find out series of topics, which will make your blog complete and will be helpful for your users as well. You should not only focus on high search volume keywords only, but also focus on some general topics which can help your users on similar topics.

Monitor: You should always check your blog post so that we don’t make too many mistakes while writing up a new blog post. If you write 2000 words article would you like to read that 2000 word again before hitting publish button?? I personally don’t like doing that so I prefer some tools like I use some grammar check tools like Grammarly, Ginger etc, and for getting the unique article I use Copyscape,  Yoast for SEO.

Optimisation: It is very important to optimise your blog post in terms of SEO, in terms of presenting your article to the users so that they find it easy to read and understand. Before, writing up the contents I first note down the important points like about which are the points I should discuss on which portion. After getting all the layout ready I start describing it one by one.
For SEO optimisation I maintain the keyword density of 1-2% and focus more on using LSI keywords and Secondary keywords.

5. Marketing Strategy:

Every product needs a proper marketing strategy to get a good exposure, same goes with the content. If you start using all the various platforms in a proper way it will give your blog a great boost.

Getting tagged: It is one of the most common problems I see every time in social media sites especially in Facebook. We tag many peoples in our list just to reach out our contents to them, but does it worth???

Those people whom you had tagged might be getting irritated and not even look at your link once also!! sometimes they end up commenting some negative stuff out of frustration.

Tips: Don’t tag anyone like that, if you are coming up with particular topic ask them if they want to get tagged in your next article topic. So list them down, tag them one by one they will appreciate your work.

Building community: It is little tough at the start and also might take some time, but creating your own network with those users who are following your blog. Add them in your group discuss the problems they have, also you can ask them for a  feedback which can help you get a good idea of what your audience need.

Never spam anybody’s group or page by leaving your link in between. It is one of the worst practice I see which is done by new bloggers. This is a basic thing, and you must take care of this common blogging mistake to improve your blog’s visibility.

It might even get your link marked as spam if you do that, which will leave a negative impact on your site growth.

I also started as a new blogger 4 years back, and I kept on learning from my own mistakes and many help from blogs like Shoutmeloud, Backlinko!! still learning.

I used to copy paste articles not knowing about the plagiarism and Copyscape, which never adds any value but just a waste of time. The blogging journey is all about how fast you learn and start implementing because only knowledge here won’t work out. Your actions will talk and your results will talk. Once you build up a good blog you will have plenty of super cool opportunities to make huge money from your blog as well as you will have a good reputation in the Indian blogosphere.

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