HostGator India Review: Today I am going to review HostGator India hosting service based upon my experience with HostGator Since last 2 and half years. I started using HostGator India back on 2014 April and still using it for my multiple websites without any issue. In this review I am going to talk at little depth about the quality of HostGator India server.

HostGator India was new to me when I signed up for an account with HostGator. I actually wanted to sign up with, as it has a good reviews and gained good reputation over years. HostGator India being a part of I had some trust on it and decided to go with it.

Over last few years HostGator India has come up with multiple changes, which has resulted well. My experience with them in the early days of use was not great, I experienced few back to back downtimes in the server uptime. Later they fixed the server by making complete server replacements.

I had successfully installed 25+ sites in the Control Panel with some 3-5 active sites with decent traffic facing no downtime or any other problem in last 1 year.

HostGator India Review:

HostGator India has a very flexible hosting plans in terms of flexible features and pricing. HostGator is very popularly known for their shared hosting services which comes at very cheap rate with very flexible features.

HostGator India also provides Windows hosting, Cloud Hosting, reseller Hosting VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Different Web Hosting Plans has different features which fits for different types of requirements accordingly.

Types of hosting in HostGator India:

Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Windows Hosting

Cloud Hosting


The support team response towards my problem has been excellent since the time I looked for support from the experts. I had a little technical knowledge those days, therefore I needed technical support for every small and big issue. Support team responded me very professionally supporting me in solving all the problems one by one.

The best thing about HostGator India I personally admire is their sales team and the support team which is very fresh and active. It has not only helped the company get more sales but it has helped the customers solving their problems easily. Incase, the support team found the problem was little serious, they asked me to go for professional help without wasting my time.


1.  Space

You have enough space for your website, the amount of web space you are provided is sufficient enough. Until you make uploading & download site, or a video blog uploading large size videos, it should be fine.

For developing a standard & professional websites, it is more than enough undoubtedly. Even though if you need more web Space you can get connected with your Web Hosting Provider team and get consult for a better upgraded web hosting plans.

2. Bandwidth

The Bandwidth provided by HostGator India for all web Hosting Plans are reliable and sufficient enough for professional use. Whether its shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, Windows Hosting, VPS or Dedicated server. It can comfortably handle good amount of traffic in site without any technical trouble. Until the traffic is huge enough to reach the CPU usage to the limit according to your web hosting plans.

I Personally prefer shared hosting for starter websites until it has a traffic of more than 3-5 Lakh per month. Anything above that margin, other web hosting plan should fit such as VPS hosting or a dedicated server of the volume of traffic is too huge.

3. Interface

It has a very simple and user friendly interface proving easy to use control panel for all the web hosting clients. In case of VPS and Dedicated hosting plans you require a separate Control Panel license.

The interface of the clients account is very simple and easy to understand. Even a user with less technical knowledge should not have much problem as they are provided professional guide tutorials. If they face further issue with the basic problems the experienced support team is always ready for support on another hand.

4. Pricing

HostGator India is one of the Best Web hosting company who provides good Web Hosting service at cheap rate. The Shared Hosting plan starts at Just Rs. 222 with all the professional features added.

The support and features HostGator India has been providing since many years, there should not be any hesitation for any existing user in paying them such subscription amount.

5. Server  Performance & Uptime:

It is one of the most important thing you should be concerned about, before buying any web hosting plans from any web hosting provider company. The Server performance of the HostGator India was not that dependable back on 2014.

Later on they came up with multiple changes in the server which has resulted excellently with negligible downtime and high speed server performance. It is a decent choice for professional web hosting with good uptime and good user experience.

HostGator India Review: Does it Worth Trying once?

Awards Winning Web Hosting Company


HostGator India is having various positive points why they worth trying at least once if you are looking for a reliable hosting providers because:


Zero Risk!! 45 Days Money back Guaranteed

  • Support: The best thing about HostGator India is their support team. The support team is professional at their work with calm and positive response. The best thing I had ever experienced with them is,  they accessed my control panel and help me to fix my issues on failing to follow instructions.
  • Zero Risk: They are offering 45 days money back guarantee, showing such faith and trust on their product shows the positive attitude of the company.. 45 days is sufficient enough to understand whether you can rely upon the web hosting company or should skip?,

If I talk about my own experience with HostGator India, I faced issues few times back on 2014, which was fine after the changes they made with the server. I am still using HostGator India for multiple sites with decent traffic without any trouble.

If you had personally used HostGator India kindly share your feedbacks with us. If you are using facing any problems or if you have any doubts you can simply drop your questions in the comment section and I will reply your queries shortly.