Hello Friend, in this post I am going to discuss on the topic how to set up the newly installed WordPress blog. WordPress is one of the most popularly used platforms for building websites. WordPress comes with lots of flexible options; you can either install the website using the Control Panel or via FTP access.

The WordPress blog can be set up quickly in a very short span of time, due to its user-friendly dashboard. We are going to share the exact method to set up the blog using various plugins and step by step guide for completing the WordPress blog setup process. I also shared some plugins and extra points which can help you in improving your newly installed blog.

WordPress default blog is not SEO friendly due to default settings, which needs some work after installation to make the site SEO friendly. To fix it by making all the essential changes in the Dashboard settings follow the given step by step tutorials.

Necessary Changes You Should make for Newly Installed Default WordPress Blog:

  • Permalink Structure.
  • WordPress free Plugins and Few Important Premium Plugins.
  • WordPress Free Themes along with professional Premium Themes.
  • Basic Ideas and importance of Logo.
  • Speed optimization and its importance.
  • Website Security.
  • Use Webmaster tool.
  • Monitor Traffic by adding  Google Analytics.
  • Add Sitemap on your Site.
  • Adding Robots.Txt
  • Important pages and cookies.

1. Permalink structure:

After installing WordPress successfully, login to your WordPress dashboard to make necessary changes. Firstly, I would prefer making quick changes in the permalink structure of the WordPress blog. It is because the worst thing about the WordPress default settings is its permalink [URL] structure, which comes in the form of page number/ID.

The default URL structure would look like the first example on the image; you can change the settings to any other type by making one click on the “Save” button. Do not get confused on choosing your URL structure, if your site is just a blog or a regular website you should consider using a post name or month and name.  It is recommended to go with the post name as it would be the most SEO friendly structure which will remain short and clean.

For a news website, you can go with multiple options for your URL structure such as Day and nameMonth and name & post ID. For adding post ID structure URL of your News website, choose custom option and paste “/%postname%/%post_id%” followed by the Save button.

2. WordPress Plugins:

Using right plugin for your WordPress site can reduce your tons of manual work, and get your work done quickly. WordPress is today one of the most popular platforms in the whole world due to its user-friendly dashboard and incredible support from developers, who are coming up with creative and helpful themes, plugins, and other facilities for WordPress users.

The main reason behind using WordPress platform is its flexibility, which saves time. To boost up your work speed, you must make use of few WordPress plugins which are essential for one WordPress user. Some of them are completely free to use, and if you have some budget for your WordPress website, you can even go for premium plugins for advanced features.

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3. WordPress Themes:

WordPress themes are available with lots of flexible designs and feature all around the web which has been successfully fulfilling different kinds of requirements. The main reason why WordPress is used by millions of people around the world is because of the flexible themes and plugins available for it around the web, which reduces time and work.

There are lots of free themes available in the market today, but most of the free WordPress themes are not ready for professional use. I never recommend using any WordPress theme due to its limited access to the theme editor and features; it kills the flexibility and professionalism of your website.

However, if you don’t have professional themes or if you don’t have the budget for buying professional themes, I will be sharing Top 20 WordPress Free Themes list [Coming Soon], which are better for use if compared with other WordPress Free Themes.

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4. Logo:

The logo is one of the most important things you should be ready with before starting any website, company, organization or online business. It symbolizes your business, and it helps a lot in branding your business which can later help you with lot’s of trust factor while expanding your business.

I recommend you to get started with a professional logo before marketing your products or services in the market. It will be helpful in giving good brand value to your services and company for recognition purpose. Especially, if you are into online business and own an online shopping website, you must create or order one awesome professional logo for your site.

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5. Speed Optimization:

Speed optimization of the website is extremely important nowadays for providing a user-friendly experience. It leaves positive impacts upon the website SEO for better rankings in search results. To maintain a good speed of the site you can reduce the load on the site and use some cache plugins or CDN.

The loading speed of the website may depend upon various factors such as themes, Codes used on the site, server speed and more.


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6. Website Security:

Website security is one of the most important concerns for any website. To prevent your site from various kind of malware affects and hacking attempts, you should keep your site clean. It is sometimes good to keep your site clean and away from the crowd, working silently and providing the contents to the right person. I have experienced it personally in the past that when you reach a certain height, you will find some haters who will be targeting your blog for leaving a negative impact upon the site.

According to my personal experiences in the past when you reach a certain height you will find some haters who will target your blog and try leaving a negative impact upon the site.

To stay away from all these negative situations, I prefer staying away from the crowd by doing my own work for those people who actually needs help.

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7. Google Webmaster:

Google Webmaster is one of the best mediums to understand the growth of the site or the negative impacts upon the site in search rankings. It is very important to verify your website in Google Webmaster Tool for quick indexation and tracking purposes.

The webmaster is the best Tool for such works, and once you understand it and use it properly, you won’t have to spend much time looking for other stuff around the web.

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8. Track Website Traffic:

Monitoring website traffic of a site can be a fun work, or you can say an object of motivation. When we work on a site spending hours and hours of time on it, the traffic of our site is the real motivator which motivates us to work harder and keep focussed on our work.

To track your website’s traffic, there are multiple tools, and the best one is Google Analytics.

Apart from Google Analytics, you can use Jetpack plugin to check website traffic on the WordPress dashboard. Apart from these two tracking tools I don’t prefer or recommend using any other tool for tracking your sites.

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9. Sitemap:

Using sitemap and making use of sitemap in the right place of your site can be extremely helpful when it comes to SEO. Sitemap works like a map for your site, which helps in directing Search Engine Spiders to crawl through your site quickly.

Proper use of sitemap with placement in the right place can help your site index faster with the search engine.

You can eventually add your sitemap to your webmaster tools for automatic indexation of your new post. Apart from that talking about the placement of the sitemap, it can be best if you place it on footer, sidebar or header of your website.

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10. Robots.txt File:

Robots.txt file is one of the common files which is ignored by many webmasters, which can be used for allowing or restricting web crawlers to crawl or access your particular file on your site. I recommend editing your default Robots.txt file from your site because there are particular parts on your site which need not be indexed by search engines.

You should allow search engines to crawl only those files which can help your site gain authority and weight of your site. You can also restrict crawlers to crawl through some low-quality pages on your site which exist on your site but doesn’t add much of value.

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These are all the important points which one should take care of while starting a fresh WordPress site. It can certainly help you start highly professional site to run any professional business or blog. I recommend any WordPress blog to make all the above mentioned necessary changes.

If you have any doubt or problem while going through my above-written tutorial then kindly drop your questions in the Comment box.

I tried my best to deliver the best idea about setting up a new WordPress blog and if you think adding anything extra to this article will be helpful for users kindly feel free to add your points.

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Thank you so much for reading this post.

See you soon with more tutorials till then have a nice time.