If you are running a website with good Alexa rankings or with good improvement in Alexa rankings you can have good opportunities in long term. I was concerned about Alexa rankings since I was an newbie, but I could not achieve top 200k worldwide rankings in 1 year. But Later with my ChromeTechny blog I could achieve below 100k worldwide rankings in very less time.

After this achievement my life changed with lots of daily opportunities and my earnings started increasing back in 2014 May-June. However, later I started depending on affiliates, Adsense & Paid post [only if good offer & rejected 70% offers], I was making comfortable money by that time which was quiet satisfying at that time.

Later when I had some issues regarding my hosting and lost some regular traffic, my expectation from adsense gone down. Now, I had no idea what will happen next. Good thing was that as I kept on providing regular post on my blog for my readers, now I could still write good and genuine guide and get a good visits from my regular visitors and some from organic. But due to drop of traffic it would be very foolishness to depend on Adsense and wait on. Instantly without wasting another time I took a decision of focusing on some other source of earning which could support me in making decent earnings. Interestingly it turned out to be great and I made 3X money of what I was making in another 6 month.

Can a website with Good Alexa rank give good amount of money?

Yes!! Alexa rank does help in making good amount of extra money because Alexa rank does matters to maximum advertisers. Advertisers not only targets to get traffic but also want some reputed sites to talk about them, when it comes to measuring the reputation of the blog Alexa rank is one of the key factor.

But don’t be mistaken that only Alexa rankings will be enough for getting all the opportunities for your website. What I exactly mean to say is Alexa ranking is one of the important factor along with other metrics. I am going to share you what you exactly need to do for making constant money from your blog.

Key Factors:

Blog post:  How many blog post does your blog have??? To increase Alexa rank it doesn’t take much time, if your blog is having very less number of post is there any possibility of gaining trust from advertisers upon your website? It is very tough!! Thats why you might had seen many new blogs fail to generate that amount of money which any other old blogs are making of similar level.

It is very important to post at least 50+ genuine articles on a blog post, because advertisers does check that very carefully. In some cases you may get some opportunity even if you have lesser post than 50, but it is good to keep pushing articles because it is not only about making money one day. If

Metrics: However, bigger companies and high package advertisers mostly look for older sites which are genuinely trusted by users as well as them in terms of age, frequency of articles, social media presence, activity by readers such as comment or sharing, DA, PA 25+, TF CF 10+ & other metrics of your website including Alexa etc.

I had personally seen it that advertisers usually pay higher for reputed websites in terms of all above mentioned points by not simply judging at Alexa rankings only.

Design: You must keep your website well designed professionally so that the blog looks attractive as well as user friendly. It not only helps to attract advertisers but most importantly your users will find it good and would love your work, ultimately users are the most important thing here.

Must Read:


If you are able to complete the mentioned requirement you can start joining various blogging groups in Facebook such as Buy & Sell, foreign bloggers group by searching for [{Country name}] Bloggers. Along with this you have to make good connection, networking with experienced bloggers who can help you in getting more and more opportunities.

If you carefully look over the market there are some internet marketers who constantly hunt for advertisers and distribute the sponsors to various blogs at varieties of price.  Now, you can look at the product or company they are providing review from & directly contact the company by giving a proposal for advertisement for getting sponsor at higher rates or you can keep good connection with multiple bloggers participating in such activity and get good numbers of sponsors for your blog.

The main benefit of Alexa and blog metrics is that you get lots of sponsors in terms of direct ads, banner ads or paid reviews. Upon which one blogger can depend if the potential of the blog is good enough. However, completely depending on this single source only would be foolishness but you can use other monetization methods along with the same, which can dramatically increase your revenue including adsense & affiliate marketing.


There are lots of opportunities for one webmaster once they successfully increase the DA PA 20+ and Alexa 100k below, which has to be well maintained for long run. If you face any difficulty in achieving the landmark you can opt for my service to get it done for you. In that case you can directly contact me.

I had shared all the above information based upon my experience and knowledge, if you personally want to contribute to my thought kindly share your ideas via comment which would be much appreciable.

Please comment below whether I could help you understand or I lacked anywhere please let me know.

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