Google Adsense is one of the major and the only source of income for new bloggers accept few other income sources. Admitting the fact that none of the bloggers would love to miss out any source of income. Similarly, one of my brother who joined blogging after me was doing well with his blog and suddenly one day he got an email from Adsense team saying that his AdSense account has been banned due to invalid activity.

Attached mailed:


Without wasting any time Ayan [Owner of] contacted me asking me if there is any solution of this problem. I decided to help him in recovering his account as it was the only source of earning for him at this time. Earlier what I read from the various blog was that we can recover Adsense banned account if there is any valid reason to appeal by making necessary changes.

In this case study, I will be covering all the necessary steps and all the action that we took to recover the Adsense account successfully. In maximum cases, Google will accept your request if your blog is genuine. In many cases, I had seen that Google Adsense account get banned without any fault by the webmaster. There are so many times that a many Adsense account got banned at the same time for multiple account holder.

Common Reasons behind Getting your Adsense Account banned:

The most common reasons behind getting your AdSense account banned are:

  1. Invalid Activity: Invalid activity is one of the common problems among bloggers, this mainly happens due to enemies or unwanted ads placement such as pop-up ads or fixed sidebar floating ads. In most of the cases by mistake, some users make false click on their own ads and they get banned.
    If the reason behind your ban is invalid activity, then you have fewer chances to recover the account.
  2. Links or writing about the prohibited sites: Your Adsense account may be banned if you happen to link to adult sites or some illegal sites, which is against the Adsense policy. On such case, you can easily fix the issue by removing the unwanted links and submit for a review for reactivating Adsense account. I had come across the same issue with one of my friend who got banned from Adsense for writing about some product which was affecting the AdSense policy.
  3. Copyright Issue: If you have a blog with copied articles from the internet you have the chances of losing your Adsense account. Also, you should not link to a site which has full of copied contents. You can fix it by removing contents if you have any copied contents or remove the links if you had kept any link with copied contents on the linked site.
  4. Junk Traffic: Junk traffic is never good for Adsense if you are getting spam traffic or bots on your website.  It also can be one of the reasons behind the Adsense ban.
  5. No reason: Sometimes Adsense ban account for no reason, therefore the simple solution to this is requested for re-activating

How we recovered the Banned Adsense Account?

After we got the mail from Google Adsense we did not hurry for anything and looked over everything. Now, I took over his email and looked at the mail and tried to understand the situation.

After checking everything I did not find anything wrong in the blog, so I was confused why it happened. I took a simple decision that I will request for re-activating the Adsense account. Without wasting time, I used this appeal form for requesting for reactivating Adsense account saying that:

I would like to request you to re-activate my Google Adsense account because we are not using any illegal method for monetizing my blog knowingly. Google Adsense is the only source of income for my blog, where I had been working hard to provide 100% unique contents for delivering proper content to our users. I apologize if I had committed any mistake unknowingly and would like to tell you that I will take care of it in coming days.
Thank you.

I used the above mentioned message to request for re-activating the Adsense account.

Adsense appeal

Once, you complete the above mentioned steps they will ask you for waiting for their reply, which may take take approximately 1 week time. I was expecting that the Adsense account will be re-activating the Adsense account because the blog is well maintained with genuine articles and looks completely fine to me.

Result: We got an email within a week.

Adsense Ban Recovered successfully


These are the steps we used for recovering the Adsense Ban account for If your Adsense account is banned you can use the same procedure and recover your banned account. All Adsense account cannot be re-activated, it may depend upon various factor depending on blog quality and policy violations.

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